Kate Turek-Frissora
Art Work

Kate Turek-Frissora is an award winning artist. She specializes in watercolors, acrylics and oils on canvas, and pottery.

Her favorite artist is Salvadore Dali and she gleans inspiration from his work. She loves creating surrealistic art and believes her mind resides in those dreamlike states all the time. She also prefers realism and sometimes carries that realism to an extreme in her watercolors with a tightness that is so unlike most watercolorists. Many of her works of art have hidden imagery that not all viewers interpret the same. This allows the viewer's own subconscious imaginings to slam into their logical world; giving them pause as they try to make sense of their own feelings about a work.

"Please take the time to puruse my galleries on this web site and welcome to the 'subconscious imaginings' of my inner soul and mind's eye."

Kate Turek-Frissora