Kate Turek-Frissora
Art Work

Artists are granted the gift of injecting their own mortality into a visual and verifiable format for others to see. The advantage to this is as the artist ages and asks the ultimate question of life: "What happened to all that time?" it is present and visually accessible through past works of art.

My kindergarten teacher was the first person to acknowledge a talent in me and did not hesitate to inform my parents of this artistic talent so that they would nurture it. As I got older, I started to expose myself to more and more artists's techniques and talents. I sold my first painting when I was sixteen, which is why I sign my works with the name Turek. At eighteen I was awarded the "Senior Class Art Award" a week before graduation.

With portfolio in hand, I went for an interview for acceptance into the Fine Arts Program at Merchyhurst University. My university experience helped to expand my horizons in visual arts. I concentrated in painting and pottery most of the time and was niave enough to think I would find a career as an artist upon graduation. It was the mid-seventies there were no jobs available for artists or really anyone. Before my senior exhibition at Mercyhurst University, myself and a classmate had a two woman show at a large bank in downtown Erie.


For the next decade and a half, my art resided dormant inside me until a burst of creativity, along with a membership with the Valley Arts Guild inspired me to have my own show "Illusion Confusion" in 1989 at the Vine Street Gallery. Afterward, Rip Van Winkleism set in again and I worked in social work careers and finally started my own business as a resume writer and owner of a recruiting firm. I used to think I was painting on paper with words and did this for over twenty years.

After my mother passed away, who had lived with us the last couple of years of her life, I was once again inspired and I signed up for a watercolor course at Youngstown State University. This was a pivotal moment for me and my artwork. I started entering art shows and exhibitions and was winning awards. I retired as a business owner, built an art studio, and have been creating works of art ever since.

People who see my artwork can't seem to wrap their heads around the fact that I am one artist. The variety in subject matter and artistic movement imagery leads the viewer to believe these are the works of multiple artists. I enjoy working with acrylics on large canvases but have a new love for watercolors.

Kate Turek-Frissora