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A Galactic Journey

This large acrylic painting was painted using air brush techniques and masking of areas to emphasize planets and large stars.

I have always had an interest in painting scenes that depict outer space ever since I saw the first Star Trek series on television (TOS).

It's hard to argue with what things really look like "out there," so painting what I imagine is always fun. I have done several of these paintings. The difficult part is painting every distant star one at a time.

In regards to using your imagination about outer space, and as wierd as it sounds, a discovery was made when astronomers from the Max Plank Institute studied Sagittarius B2, which is a dust colud near the center of that galaxy. What they confirmed with the studies of the dust clouds was that the chemical ethyl formate was found. And why is that of interest? This is the chemical that smells and tastes like rasberries!

[acrylic painted in 2016; shown at Sans Moca Gallery. Second Place Professional award in the 2016 Buhl Day Art Show]

[Price: $1500 + Shipping and Handling]

[Painting size: 37.5" by 37.5"]