Kate Turek-Frissora
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"Going Home: We'll Miss You Girl" is a watercolor paining that was painted a few weeks after the passing of our sixteen year old dog Sunshine as a memorial painting for her.

This was one of the most difficult paintings I ever created because, to me, it had to be a perfect tribute to a wonderful companion who is greatly missed.

It took me three days of thinking about how to make the sunlight coming through the door look like sunlight coming through the door and how it would cast our dog's shadow on the rug.


This painting tugs at many people's heart strings who know what it is like to lose a loyal companion but a sense of peace comes when you realize she is looking into her final reward as represented by the welcoming sunlight outside of the door.

This watercolor painting was accepted and shown at the YWCA's 35th Women Artist: A Celebration art show in Youngstown, Ohio during the Summer of 2017.

High quality prints are available for purchase at $150.00. Print size is:18 1/4 x 13 1/2 inches + shipping and handling.