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Roswell Stone in Egg

This watercolor was inspired by the ever forceful nudge of time in the world as we know it. These two things, time and the world, are depicted on two of the three eggs in the nest. The third egg is a depiction of the Roswell Rock that was found in the desert by Robert Ridge in December 2004, eleven miles from the supposed Roswell crash site of 1947. An identical design appeared as a crop circle at Liddington Castle, Chiseldon, Swindon, UK - 2 August 1996. These mysteries that surround us in our physical world make all of us stop and think. Mysteries they are and to sling a cliche, I did this painting to represent "putting all of you eggs in one basket" or our time in a world full of mysteries. [watercolor painted in 2015]

Shown at Sans Moca Gallery 2016

Full size high-quality prints available for purchase, price $125 + shipping and handling

Actual print size 21.25" by 14.25" print paper size 22" by 16"