Kate Turek-Frissora
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"The Rebirth of Gobekli Tepe" is a surrealistic watercolor that was inspired by a dream and a fascination with the discovery of ancient ruins.

The hot air balloon encases a fetus close to birth as it hovers over a section of Gobekli Tepe acclaimed to be the oldest temple discovered in the sands of Turkey. The carvings on the stone monoliths are dated to be some of the oldest stone carvings predating Stonehenge by 6,000 years.

The stones in the 11,000 year old structure were carved by prehistoric people and some depict foxes, lions, vultures and scorpions. Some of those animal figures are on the stone monolith in the foreground of this painting.

This mixed media painting was shown at the 2018 Buhl Day Art Show at Buhl Park, Hermitage, Pennsylvania, September 2018.

The painting size is 24" by 18" and priced, including the frame, at $650 + shipping and handling.