Kate Turek-Frissora
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This surrealistic watercolor/mixed media painting was created after having a dream of this image. The clock, with my favorite time of day in the evening, is coming out of a gift box and illustrates that time is a true gift.

The selected time of day on the clock face was the time of day in the evenings that I remember, especially during the Summer months, when my Dad, at the end of his work day, would appear at the crest of the hill walking towards his children who waited for him on the front porch of the house. The clarity of the light at that time of day in the Summer would make everything glow. It is still my favorite time of day.

This mixed media painting was shown at the 2018 Buhl Day Art Show at Buhl Park, Hermitage, Pennsylvania, September 2018.

Full size high-quality prints available for purchase, price $150 + shipping and handling. Actual Print Size 17.5" x 18.50"